Friday, December 31, 2010

The sheep that saved an elephant...

Elephant calf is orphaned. After rescue, he refuses to eat. As a last ditch effort, the rescuers bring in a sheep as a companion. Things don't go well at first, but soon they are inseparable...

Horse saved from frozen canal

I can't believe that this horse survived. He was in the frozen water for hours, and the water actually froze around him.

Bohemian Rhapsody for Four Violins

Dog just wants to go home

Doesn't he remind you of a kid throwing a tantrum and demanding to go home?

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Now that's what I call a "do"...

Fennec hunts scorpion

Fennec hunting a scorpion. This fox reminds me of my puppy, the way he runs all over so excitedly. The scorpion takes entirely too long to die. Sucks to be eaten alive...

A one-man Village People

Chopper saves calf trapped on frozen pond

A calf gets stranded on a frozen pond. The news helicopter uses the wind from its blades to push the calf across the ice...

As it nears the shore, the calf falls through the ice, but is able to make it to dry land...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gull swallows plastic bag

Tragic. Unfortunately I do admittedly use a lot of plastic bags. I have cats, and I use them for cleaning litter boxes. If someone can give me a realistic option, I would be happy to all but eliminate plastic bags from my life as much as reasonably possible...

Bureaucracy leads to death of 300,000 chicks and broilers

A Russian video. The blurb on TYWIKIWIDBI where I found the video states:
Found at English Russia, where this incident in the Kursk region was blamed on delinquent taxes and a convoluted bureaucracy. "The employees are putting to death one-day old chickens with tears. 'It’s as if a mother killed her child', – poultry-women explain their feelings."
If only they really did quickly put them to death. What they did was leave them to die.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

UK Students face riot police

Tuition is going up in England, and students react to the news. Generally speaking, this isn't really the way to get your point across. Passive resistance is usually much better. When you act so emotional and out of control, the message gets lost. Of course, I think the majority of these kids were simply looking for a reason to get violent and weren't really so concerned with the issue at hand.

This video shows a fire extinguisher dropped towards riot police from the roof of the building. It sounds as if the crowd of spectators on the ground begins to chant "Stop throwing sh**!"

Police open fire on van

Police in Kansas City opened fire on a van after mistaking the backfire for gunfire.

Cheeky Monkey

Sleepy Meerkat

They're worse than kids...

Thank you for your cooperation

Lost in translation

I think something is being lost in the translation...

Squirrel leap fail

Baby squirrel attempts a giant leap...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elephant with men vs. rhino

Men on elephant on an anti-poaching run encounter an aggressive rhino...

Cat vs. Gator

A cat faces down a gator and runs it off. I'm guessing that this is at a gator farm.

Bird eats eel-- twice

I don't know where this place is, as I don't know where there are eels in a pond. The bird sort of looks like a cormorant or something. The bird actually gets the eel a good ways down, and then loses it and gets it a second time.

Sunshine ain't all that bad

Children in the UK are presenting with rickets, a condition which had all but died out about 80 years ago, due to children being protected from the sun.

Pile On

I really don't even know what to say. I am just totally impressed with the lives of people in other countries. It's amazing what is just "normal" for them.

Galaxy on edge

Galaxy NGC 4452 as seen on edge...

Dick Van Dyke saved by porpoise

Dick Van Dyke credits porpoise with saving his life, after the 84-year-old actor fell asleep on his surfboard and awoke out of sight of shore. He says that porpoise then appeared, and proceeded to push his surfboard back to shore.

Tower demolition goes awry

A demolition crew didn't notice a small crack in this tower, which caused it to fall in the opposite direction than anticipated.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shackles in flesh

There are no words...

There's a horse in the car

Nerves of steel

The guys that drive these mountain roads are absolutely amazing. We've talked about them in the past when visiting my uncle in the Smoky mountains.

The great Maru experiment

Maru faces boxes of different sizes, in order to determine whether there is a box he won't try to take on.

Jack Russell vs. Mountain Lion

While I feel bad for the mountain lion and feel that this was a needless killing, I find myself duly impressed by the little Jack Russell "who could"...

Don't be a tosser

A UK town is combating litter with a few cleverly worded signs...

However it takes on a whole new meaning once you know that in the UK a "tosser" is a "masturbator".

Kite surfer jumps Brighton Pier

Wow! Kite surfer Lewis Crathern waited for the perfect day, and achieved what few if any have ever done before has when he jumped Brighton Pier...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

AC/DC had it wrong- they don't have the biggest...

"Scientists have found a bushcricket species with testicles that account for up to 14% of its body weight."

Scooter Towed

Mobility scooter is towed after exceeding the one-hour time limit on parking in Essex.

Invisible Fence

Yorkie plays in leaves

Cat starts fire

Oh, how I loved Port Townsend.

A Port Townsend cat started a fire in the home of its owner. It is thought that the cat sat on the toaster oven and depressed the lever, turning it on. Luckily no one was hurt, and neither was the cat, but extensive damage was done to the kitchen before the fire was put out.

See? I'm always saying that toasters shouldn't be left plugged in when not in use. That goes for toaster ovens, too...

Chimp with smoking habit rescued

Omega, a chimp at a zoo in Lebanon, has been rescued by animal rights activists after they learned of his smoking habit. I would think that his smoking habit would be the least of their concerns. Looking at his living conditions, I would think that smoking was about the only pleasure he had in his life.

Loss of oldgrowth forest...

This is a graphic depicting the loss of oldgrowth forest in the US since 1820.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Britain's oldest man forgets fifth secret to long life

Britain's oldest man at 108 years of age, Reverend Reg Dean has come upon five secrets to a long life- but he can only remember four.

"Good friends, a religion, looking for the best in people not the worst, and being a vegetarian for 30 years have helped.", he has said. "But I can't remember the other one."

Rocket Man

Meet George Jetson,..his boy Elroy...

Yves Rossy has done another test flight of his jetpack, this time even throwing in some loopty-loops. He jumped from a hot air balloon at 7900 feet, and then performed an 18-minute test flight before landing by parachute. He has been reported to have reached speeds of 124 mph.

Check out his website to keep up on his endeavors.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Holy Cow!

Okay. You know that I love this concept, if not the price that goes along with it. I have already given up eating red meat, chicken and pork (though I still eat fish and seafood at this time), I've given up cow milk for almond and soy milk, and have been hoping to give up eggs and dairy products (cheese, ice cream, etc.) until I could find a good humane source. So I love the idea of this Hare Krishna farm in England that treats the animals very well, going so far as to play relaxing prayers for cows and massaging them while they are milked, putting male calves to work plowing fields instead of slaughtering them, and giving the cows and bulls a full Hindu burial after they die of natural causes.

Cat leap fail

Well, I guess if he was trying to jump backwards, then it was a success!

Ball of Fluff and Cuteness

If you don't find this adorable, you are inhuman...

A couple ballroom dances to "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

An eco-conscious killing

From The New Yorker

Let them eat cheese

Well, maybe our country will take after Ireland's fine example, and try to resolve our economic troubles with cheese.

Brendan Smith, the agriculture minister for Ireland, announced that the Irish government is buying 53 tons of fresh Irish cheddar cheese to distribute for free. Mr. Smith said the plan is "an important means of contributing towards the well-being of the most deprived citizens in the [EU] community."

The Irish citizens are, not surprisingly, quite irate over this move by the government.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

UV Bath

Children in Russia get their daily dose of UV. It provides the vitamin D that most people get naturally from sunlight, which is needed to help with calcium absorption and strong bones.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Multi-Tasking Driver

Man reads e-book and uses cell phone while driving...

Catnap in the Sun

Fearless Protector

He is a fearless boy! Why is it all animals seemed to get freaked out over balloons?

Big Brother has a new toy

The UK will be unleashing a new "tool" in law enforcement: a truck capable of catching motorists committing up to five crimes or breaches of law.

The truck can spot whether you are driving without your seat belt, tailgating, speeding, or driving without current tags or insurance. The information and pictures are relayed back to a home office using GPS coordinates.

Big Brother at its best.

6 hours riding buses to get kids to school and home again

UK woman spends up to 6 hours a day riding buses to take all of her children to school and then return them home again.

"Flesh wound" results in jaw and skull removal

British soldier has part of his head shot away, and the insurance company claims it is only a flesh wound.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby elephant sneezes and scares himself

Optical Illusions

See more optical illusions here.

Time Warp: Drop of water

There is a very cool video showing what is going on behind the scenes of every drop of water...

Cats and Pumpkins

There's nothing more fun than a big pumpkin...

The blind cricket commentator

Dean Du Plessis is blind, but that doesn't stop him from being a color commentator for cricket events. His acute hearing makes it possible for him to judge the power and direction of a shot.

Strange Animal Photos

See more photos here.

Dawn of the Ted


Opening ceremony for rugby match

Stay with it until around halfway through- then the fun begins. The commentators are almost giddy as a partially naked woman becomes part of the opening ceremony for the rugby match. I believe that this is supposed to be in France.

John Cleese answers the door

I have no idea the history behind this. I don't know when it was done, or for which it was done. However the video was swiftly removed from YouTube, but you can still find it here.

Dogs in costume

I'm one day late with this one...

Timely Political Humor

A comic that's been hanging on TYWKIWDBI's bulletin board for years...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Awesome Caricatures!

David Caruso
Snoop Dogg
Hugh Laurie
More may be found here.

Macho Salad

Oh yeah. That's sexy...
(Warning: Mildly vulgar)

Bug Eyes

Oh, this stuff just freaks me out!

Dog devours burrito in one bite

Now you see why Bubba is grossly overweight...

Dog Devours Burrito in One Bite - Watch more Funny Videos

20 Amazing Facts about Camels

20 Amazing Facts about the camel

Dog nurses cat

Okay. Well, this is just a little unsettling, because it appears to be an adult cat and a dog with no puppies. I feel as if I just walked in on a personal moment I wasn't intended to see...

Mimic Octopus

What a fascinating creature!

Little owl hunts imaginary prey and shadows

Swimming lessons for future kings

Four cubs at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. got swimming lessons this week. The cubs and their mother will be moving to an outdoor enclosure later this year, and the cubs needed to prove that they would be able to swim if they happened to fall into the moat that surrounds the enclosure.

Blind dog uses ecolocation to get around

Bear needs keeper to sleep with him

Woman bites vet clinic employee

Gawd. So Lee County has made the international news of weird. I'm so proud.

Kathleen Minneker drops her dogs off to the groomer shortly before closing. She knows that, due to the late hour and the matted fur, the dogs won't be ready until 6 PM. But she shows up early and begins pounding on the door and screaming. When she is let in, she attacks the groomer. The clinic owner, Gina Brashear, gets in between to try and stop the attack, and Minneker turns on her.

When the dust settles, Brashear is left covered in bites and bruises.

Video included on our local news website.

The blind herder who could

"When he was good, he was very, very good..."

Meet Jack. Jack is a sheepdog in Britain. Jack was purchased March of last year to be a working dog on a sheep farm, and had settled in nicely. He'd had a few mishaps and missteps, but the family was proud of how well he'd done in his training and he'd won their hearts.

But the family became suspicious one day when he was seen running straight into a wooden peg sticking out of the ground. He was taken to the vet, who confirmed that Jack was indeed blind.

The family with whom Jack had lived and worked couldn't believe it. This dog was so adept at living blind that he had successfully been a working herder on a farm and a part of the family, without ever cluing the family in on the secret of his blindness until that day he walked into the wooden peg.

The family has decided to retire Jack keep him as a family pet now.